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Integrated Garbage Compressor

Integrated Garbage Compressor

Applicable for the waste collection mode loaded with man-drawn vehicle or small motor vehicle

The integral garbage compactor adopts horizontal compacting technology to compact the collected loose household waste for volume reduction and works with container-detachable garbage truck for waste transfer. Featuring less odor diffusion, no secondary pollution, small occupation area, and high mobility and flexibility, this machine is especially suitable for the new transfer stations with difficult urban land acquisition or small site and for the reconstruction of old stations and is mainly applicable for the waste collection mode loaded with man-drawn vehicle or small motor vehicle. -Industry’s shortest 12s loading time -47° container tilting angle for thorough dumping -Large feeding port for prevention of leaking waste


Performance Features
Reliable quality
-The key components, including compacting compartment, are made of high-strength wear-resistant steel to guarantee high firmness and durability and long life.
-The rotating shaft adopts special self-lubricated bearings and knuckle bearings to realize high wear and corrosion resistance and good product reliability.
-The hydraulic valve blocks, oil pump, motor, and electronic control components adopt imported renowned brand products to guarantee the quality.
High intelligence and safety
-The double control functions, namely wired control and touchscreen control, ease the operations. In addition, the optional wireless remote control is offered.
-The LCD screen is installed and the fullness warning and display function, automatic malfunction warning, and automatic diagnostic function are incorporated.
High efficiency and environmental-friendliness
-The duplex pump drive is installed. The individual pump works at high pressure and both pumps work for confluence at high speed to realize high efficiency and energy-saving and less system heat.
-The proprietary 5-point locking patent for the rear gate, the sealing strip with stepless adjustable compression degree, and the automatic hook lock function guarantee the reliable locking without leakage.
-The blowdown port and the clean-up port are provided on both sides of compacting compartment to ease the pollutant discharge and blowdown of the compacting compartment.

Item Unit LYSZ18A
Maximum compacting force kN 340
Theoretical waste processing capacity t/h 18
Motor power kW 5.5
Waste tank capacity m3 17
Compacting chamber capacity m3 1.6
Dumping capacity m3 3.5
Lifting capacity of dumping mechanism t 2
Power supply - 380V/50Hz/10kW

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