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Infore Enviro Wins Bids for Municipal Sanitation and Cleaning Project of Guzhen in Zhongshan

Release date : 2021-08-31

        Infore Enviro announced more great news. On August 24, 2021, Infore Enviro issued an announcement of winning the bid for the Sanitation and Cleaning Project of Guzhen in Zhongshan from the municipal Agriculture and Rural Affairs Bureau. The total bid amount is RMB 75,861,100 with a service term of 3 years, and the annual amount is RMB 25,286,900. The service scope covers road cleaning, river channel cleaning, waste collection and transportation, road cleaning and dust reduction, etc.

        This is the second municipal sanitation project won by Infore Enviro in Zhongshan City after the Sanjiao Town Sanitation Project in May. As a result, its market influence as well as comprehensive competitiveness has been improved, which consolidates Infore Enviro's leading position in the sanitation service industry.

        Zhongshan is located in south central Guangdong Province and in the geometric center of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. Guzhen Town is known as a "Center of Illuminations" in China, and has been recognized as a characteristic town and a town of national health standard.

        In Zhongshan, Infore Enviro provides professional services including sanitation and cleaning, river cleaning, landscaping, as well as waste collection and transportation for Sanjiao Town. Also, because of Infore Enviro's high-standard service model, the score of municipal civilization index of Sanjiao Town has jumped from eighth place to second place within 2 months. Infore Enviro has received unanimous recognition from its clients.

        In the future, Infore Enviro will continue the innovation and development of the sanitation service operation model in the new era, contribute to improving the living environment and enhancing the overall environmental sanitation in Guzhen based on the five concepts of "standardization, regulation, refinement, digitalization, and humanization".

        As a professional in the sanitation service industry, Infore Enviro will leverage its strengths to help improve local environment quality, work together with the government to improve Guzhen's street environment, and contribute to the development of the "Center of Illuminations".
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