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Infore Enviro build the first full-scene test base of sanitation industry in China

Release date : 2023-07-06

    In recent years, China's environmental sanitation industry has developed vigorously under the policy of ecological civilization construction, the market demand has been rising, and the corresponding environmental protection equipment has been developing towards refinement, modernization and mechanization. As the "main force" to improve the quality of urban environment, the reliability and applicability of environmental protection equipment are the key criteria to measure the quality of products. In order to enhance the core competitiveness in an all-round way and help products close to the actual operation scene. Recently, Infore Enviro has built and put into use the first full-scene test base designed for environmental protection equipment in China—Infore Enviro Test Demonstration Site.
    For different operation scenarios, Infore Enviro Test Demonstration Site integrates urban roads, municipal network, landscape greening and other full-scene test sites, covering an area of 1.5 million square meters, and is divided into eight product test zones, including general, sweeper products, cleaning products, garbage products, transfer stations, municipal products, new energy products and garden products. With strict, scientific and objective test methods, the actual operation scene is deeply restored, and the comprehensive independent test requirements of vehicle basic performance and various product operation capabilities are fully met.

General test area
    In order to meet the sanitation needs of different road conditions in urban and rural areas, the general product test area has set up washboard road, twisted road and ramp test scenarios, which can fully verify the vehicle's driving stability, climbing performance and sliding braking performance, so as to ensure the vehicle's driving safety under different road conditions. At the same time, in order to ensure the environmental protection of the whole vehicle operation, the general test area also sets up speed and noise test scenarios, and its intelligent test instrument can accurately test the impact of the whole vehicle operation on the surrounding residents, so as to help the vehicle run more smoothly and with low noise.

Sweeper product test area
    In daily sanitation work, one of the most common scenes is the roadside stone cleaning scene. In order to meet the roadside stone cleaning work of different specifications, various specifications of roadside stones are set up in the cleaning product test area, which can fully verify the operation ability and cleaning rate of the sweeper product, and optimize and adjust the layout of the sweeping disc according to the test data, so as to improve the operation performance of the sweeper product. Meet customers' differentiated washing and sweeping needs.

Cleaning product test area
    The cleaning product test area covers many scenarios, such as guardrail cleaning, sound insulation screen cleaning, road hedging, dust suppression spray, etc., which can effectively test the equipment without affecting road traffic. Among them, the guardrail cleaning scene and the sound insulation screen cleaning scene, according to the different use needs of customers in urban roads and highways, respectively, build related scenes to improve the performance of equipment under different use conditions. At the same time, in order to ensure the authenticity of the test data, the cleaning product test area is equipped with hygrometer and UAV to protect the product quality and reliability.

Garbage product test area
     In order to improve the accurate testing ability of the whole link, the garbage product test area has set up vehicle-vehicle docking, vehicle-station docking, overall station and other scenarios, which can accurately test the feeding, filling, unloading, loading capacity, operation efficiency, dripping and other links of the garbage truck and garbage station. At the same time, the pilot area also sets up intelligent sorting scenarios, configures Infore Enviro intelligent sorting robots, continuously optimizes the work of garbage intelligent sorting, helps garbage "harmless, reduction, resource" disposal, and effectively reduces customer operating costs.

Municipal product test area
      According to different municipal emergency scenarios, the municipal product test area builds relevant reservoirs and sewer pipes of different specifications, which can test the suction depth, suction time, maximum vacuum degree and other product performances of municipal emergency products in an all-round way, and deeply improve the applicability and reliability of municipal products in emergency situations.

New Energy Product Test area
     The new energy product test area builds rain test scenarios for the waterproof performance of new energy sanitation products, including facilities such as vehicle rain rooms and groundwater treatment ponds, which can fully verify the reliability of new energy sanitation products in extreme weather and ensure that Infore Enviro's new energy sanitation products can serve customers'needs in all weather and in all scenarios.

Garden products test area
      The garden product test area is mainly divided into hedgerow pruning scene and high branch pruning scene, with different specifications of hedgerow belts and trees, which can effectively calibrate the boom stability, pruning width and height of garden products in the test, so as to better meet the actual needs of different garden operations.

      Where does the stable reliability and excellent quality of products come from? Strict and scientific test verification is indispensable. These, Infore Enviro has thought in front of the customer. The use of Infore Enviro Test Demonstration Site has filled the gap of insufficient testing and lack of professional test sites in the past domestic test sites. Infore Enviro is customer demand-oriented, through strict, scientific and objective multi-link testing and verification, to further improve the quality, applicability and reliability of products, to provide customers with safe, reliable, best quality, environmentally friendly environmental protection equipment products.

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